Full Body Sensual Massage

Traditional Relaxation or Therapeutic massages are great, but do you sometimes want more?  Do you feel like something is missing?
If so, then I invite you to indulge in a Full Body Sensual Massage (FBSM).  The entire focus is on your comfort, relaxation and pleasure.  This massage is just for you.  Your naked body will be touched from head to toe to relax you, and heighten your senses.  I want you to totally relax and release yourself in sensations and feelings as they build.  You will be pampered and enjoy a wonderfully satisfying and pleasurable experience without any judgement, criticism or expectations.

Some benefits you may find from a Sensual or Erotic massage include:

  • Relief from tension and stress 
  • Increase in libido 
  • May help with premature ejaculation
  • Improved sleep
  • Helps with anxiety and other psychological problems 

 45 min: $100     1 hr:$120     1.5 hr: $180     2 hr: $250


Lomi Lomi Massage 

Hawaiian, spiritual, healing massage. Through this massage, and the use of prayer,  healing energy is transferred from the touch of the healer to the client, for the highest healing. This style is recognized by its long flowing strokes under and over the body simultaneously.  This massage does not include sexual touch.

1 hr: $100, 1.5 hr: $150



Bondassage® is an erotic journey of the senses, comprised of light bondage and domination,  sensory deprivation, erotic massage, impact and sensation play.  This incredibly sensual bondage massage is unlike you've ever experienced or even imagined.  If you've ever had a fantasy about being dominated then you're not alone.  Bondassage provides you with the opportunity to  explore fantasies. I cater for a range of different fetishes and fantasies. I love to craft sessions for you. Bondassage is suitable for anyone who wishes to explore the world of BDSM, as well as those who are more exerienced but looking for a kinky massage, which caters to their interests.   Experience the ultimate in sensual massage... with a kinky twist.

1 hr: $250      1.5 hr: $300     2 hr: $400     2.5 hr: $500    3 hr: $600